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Windows Developer Portal for Software Developers

Web Business Profile

  • Asking Price:$1,400,000
  • Revenues:$900,000
  • Net Income:$700,000
  • Inventory:$0
  • Year Founded:2002
  • Business Category: Content site, Community site
  • Number of Monthly Visitors:2,211,451
  • Number of Monthly Page Views:Available Upon Request
  • Number of Employees:7


Top site for Windows developers. Over 700,000 members. 1 Million unique visitors per month. Capable of full geo-targeting. Revenue per month exceeds $75,000. Staff of 7. Over 10,000 member articles posted. Always busy. Audited financial statements available.

This 8-year-old business is fully established and highly profitable.Attracts world-wide audience. Comes with fully functional ad server and 4 separate web sites covering different aspects of Windows development. Excellent brand recognition to leverage across additional line extensions.

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Windows Developer Portal for Software Developers
Asking Price: $1,400,000