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  • Do Some House Cleaning Before You Sell

    One phenomenon we see all too often is an entrepreneur putting his or her company on the market too soon--before cleaning house. If you run a web business, you are probably on top of every aspect of your operation. Everything makes sense to you. But you may not have all the pertinent information properly documented and ready for scrutiny. Maybe the accounting system is not up to date, or incorporation records are disorganized, sales figures need to be reconciled, or incorporation agreements are unsigned and scattered about.

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  • Making the Buyer Pay for a "No Shop" Provision

    Buyers are famous for declaring early in the game that they won't participate in an auction. They'll tell you "frankly" that they won't respond to competitive bids. Most sellers, however, if they get a serious buyer, naturally wonder if a better deal is available in the larger market. They quite rightly want to put their company in play, albeit quietly.

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