Due Dilligence Service

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Due Diligence

In proposing a purchase agreement, the seller of a business makes representations regarding the business being sold. After the seller and buyer consent to the terms of the agreement, the buyer must verify those representations and evaluate the seller's ability to fulfill any warranties provided.

In those verifications and evaluations, the buyer typically confirms all material facts related to the purchase of the business in a process known as "due diligence". By assisting sellers in the crafting of proposed purchase agreements with that process in mind, we help sellers streamline the due diligence investigation.

In particular, typical due diligence investigations often involve negotiations around the issue of reasonableness in providing information. We are especially competent in such negotiations.

Our expertise in due diligence investigations is as valuable when we act on behalf of buyers as it is when we are working for the sellers. Our detailed checklists ensure that the buyer receives full disclosure on all material aspects of the online business being sold.

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